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The Problem

For long enough, a naive problem has plagued us; as freelancers, small-medium businesses, low frequency store owners: Invoicing. Several invoicing solutions available at the moment offer too many features we’d never use, and far too few which work as expected. But most-importantly, ownership of our financial data. This the problem Esfresco has set out to solve.

The Solution

We set out to create an invoicing app, while stressing on it being mobile first. But quickly we realized that that isn’t enough. For it to be truly mobile, we completely removed any kind of backend. This solved two problems: The app completely relinquishes ownership of the data to the user, and it becomes independent of mobile connectivity.

But what about those who use multiple devices? An iPhone at work, and a different one on the weekends? This is where iCloud came into play. Even the iCloud architecture in Esfresco has been designed to be independent of the available mobile connectivity.

Esfresco 2.0 will bring all of these features to the web so our users without iOS devices can also take advantage of a simple invoicing app.

What's inside Esfresco?

Stable core, so no nuclear explosions expected 😉


You can grab all the media assets from this handy Dropbox link.